Do you have your own wildlife conservation photograph to share with the parish?

It could be a hedgehog house, bird box, bug house… something that you have created to look after nature?


Please send your picture to  They will be shown on Sunday 29th November 2020 at the 10.30 Mass.


As you know, there is a worldwide extinction crisis, so it is more important than ever that we all do our bit to help in whatever way we can.

E.G. Autumn winds blow leaves into the flower beds or around trees and shrubs; you can leave them there as there may be caterpillars hiding in them, hedgehogs and other small animals feel safer when they’re hidden among the mounds of leaves. The leaves also feed the earthworms and other creatures in the soil, which turn the leaves into new, nutritious soil that sustains the plants. Sharing garden space with wildlife, leads to greater abundance in everything. There are more insects, more birds, more bats and more life. If we give nature the space it needs, the results can be magnificent.


Thank You

Live Simply team