Update on the Burundi Project

Thank  you  to all those  that  supported the recent  appeal  for help.  Jim  Madden recently  received  an email from Brother Edouard NZAMBIMANA, Superior General  at St Paul’s Education Craft Centre at Busanaga.  See below.

‘Dear Jim Madden,
We are very delighted and appreciative of your response and sincerely grateful for your financial support towards our solar electricity installation project. We are still waiting for the money transfer’s arrival here in Burundi and will inform you as soon as it arrives.
We are looking forward to kicking off this great project in coming days and it will surely be of great benefit to all our students.
And regarding the pandemic, we have seen the devastating situation it is causing all around the world. Here in Burundi and throughout our region, we praise the Lord that we weren’t hard hit by it, even though we got infections and a few deaths; people continued to go by their daily lives but of course COVID-related challenges remain. Now, with vaccines’ arrival, we can all hope for an effective end of this pandemic in coming months.
Again, we wholeheartedly thank you for you generosity and look forward to giving you an update once our project has been implemented.
Thank you,
Brother Edouard NZAMBIMANA
Superior General ‘

History of  the  Burundi Project

In 2001, a Priest from Burundi, Fr. Emmanuel visited the Holy Spirit, and we became aware of the catastrophic state of that small African country after a ruinous tribal civil war.  In response, a small group was set up whose members contributed £5 or£10 monthly to support a training school run by the BenePaul Fathers, training the Builders, Joiners, Garment workers, etc. needed to get the country moving.  Since then, we have sent £51,400 to help and we have now received an update showing how the school they created has grown ‘St Paul Crafts Education Centre in Busanaga.

Brother Edward Zambimana took over from Fr. Emmanuel in 2011. He recently sent the Burundi group a letter thanking the parish for our donation of 1,393 euros made in October 2019 showing how it has benefited their school.  Brother Edward enclosed a report of activities from the academic year 2019-20 and the new academic year 2020-21.

They have urgent projects for 2021 he hopes our Burundi group can continue to support.

One of their urgent projects is to be able to light their St Paul’s Education Craft Centre at Busanaga with solar energy panels.

This Centre also needs new Latrines as they currently have old ones in poor condition which puts the young people at risk to disease.

Now also with the global Pandemic there is an urgency for the young people to connect with the modern world, so the Centre would like to create an Information Technology Section, to do this they more computers.

For further information regarding the Parish Burundi  group please contact Jim Madden.

Email: j.madden@hazid.com

For further information about Education Centre Please download Brother Edward’s letter and report below:

Report From Burundi School

Students doing Masonry training.






A Carpentry Class in the school.

A Sewing Class.