The Parish Pastoral Council

The PPC comprises of volunteer and elected members of the Parish together with the two Priests of the Parish.We meet most months in the Social Centre or Presbytery. We have about a dozen members at present, which include Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and President. We discuss plans for spiritual and social events in the Parish and are used as a consultation before decisions are made by the clergy. We take a lead in the direction of the Parish and consult parishioners about issues of concern and importance.Minutes of the meetings are displayed in the Church porch and will be on the website. We maintain a link with the Financial Committee of the Parish.
We welcome new members when there are vacancies or those proposed at the Annual General Meeting.
Chair: Angela Fenn  Vice-Chair Carolyn O’Callaghan    Secretary: Catherine Giavarini
President: Fr. Michael.

If you have any queries regarding the PPC then please contact the Parish Office at;