Nottingham Citizens Group

The Holy Spirit Church is an active member of Nottingham Citizens which is a group of about 90,000 people from 42 institutions who have come together from across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to work together to improve the City and County we live in.

Nottingham Citizens is a coming together of different church and religious groups, businesses, universities, companies, unions, schools and charities.

We work together and support each other on projects that directly affect our lives.

Our influence comes from our numbers, the fact that we live in the same city, have shared aims and believe in working together, respectfully, with organisations to achieve our goals, in partnership.

Nottingham Citizens is based on the Citizens UK model and is a part of this national movement.
It does not affiliate itself with any political party but aims to work with all organisations to improve the area and the opportunities for the people of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

We as a Parish have been part of Nottingham Citizens since 2012 and have a group of people who represent the parish at Nottingham Citizens events.

Projects we have been actively involved in include:
– the Living Wage campaign,
– working to integrate mental and physical healthcare assessments in the local health community,
– promoting and delivering Dementia Friends awareness sessions,
– supporting the Citizens UK Social Care Charter which sets out standards to improve the quality of social care provision and the working conditions of professional carers nationwide.

We welcome other parishioners to join our group to represent the parish and to help to work to achieve our aims.

Theresa Brennan: Holy Spirit Parish, West Bridgford.  Email:

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