Fr Vincent Kanyankole’s Charities

Read here about the work of Fr Vincent Kanyankole from the Diocese of Jinja in Uganda.

Fr. Vincent We always welcome Fr. Vincent to the Parish for his annual Summer visit. For those of you that have not met Fr. Vincent before, he is a Parish Priest from the
Busowa Parish in Uganda. Fr. Vincent has been visiting our Parish for many years and got to know many parishioners. Our Parish has always supported Fr . Vincent’s projects, which involve supporting the orphans through school, university, the drilling of boreholes to provide clean and safe water. Many things that we are lucky to have and take for granted,but in the Parish Itanda can change someone’s life.


Fr. Vincent mentioned on his last visit, that a borehole has been drilled in the Parish of Itanda and it has brought great joy to the people in the Parish. A Farm project is doing very well, your donations reached out and help many people. The children that are sponsored are very well and thankful for your support. Fr. Vincent is extremely grateful for your generosity and support towards his charities.

However, he is always in need of more support,there are still children that need sponsors and people who are in desperate need of help in his Parish. If you feel you can help, please contact the Parish office at; Or email Fr. Vincent directly at:

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