We appreciate any amount of donation you wish to give to support the Parish


Using the envelope scheme is an excellent way to make a regular, weekly financial contribution to the Parish as an alternative to finding loose change in your pocket and purse. Alternatively, a standing order can be organised for a monthly contribution to the parish which saves on cash handling and administration and means your payment is never missed.

If you would like to join, call the Parish Office Tel: 0115 9814271
Or email Catherine Giavarini at:

Gift Aid

The declaration can run indefinitely but can be cancelled at any time if personal circumstances change. For further details contact Marie Thomas.

This scheme allows the parish to recover money from the inland revenue in respect of tax paid on donations where there is an audit trail in place to show the donation going form the donor and into the bank account of the parish. There is no commitment to a specific amount of money for a given period of time.

The requirements of the scheme are:
•The completion of a simple form – a gift aid declaration.
•The donor must pay income tax equal to the amount being reclaimed each year.
•The donor must be a user of planned giving envelopes or use a standing order (see above).
•The parish can gain a further 28p for every £1 contributed.