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The Synod

Continental Stage Consultation. All the Synod feedback from parishes, dioceses, and national Bishops’ Conferences around the world has been gathered, considered, discerned, and distilled into a Report which is now being given to each continent to consider in light of their own tradition, history, experience, and religious perspective.

Within Europe we now have the opportunity to consider the Synodal feedback from around the world and to report on:  a) What we feel resonates with our own experiences – list the top three priorities from those given

b) Consider what are the challenges and tensions in each of those three areas

c) Define the next steps which move us (parish, deanery, diocese, the Church) forward.

 Please engage with this consultation by either:

Completing the form soon to be available in your church

 Complete the feedback form on-line at:

 Follow the QR code  and access the on-line diocesan consultation.

 All responses should be received by 9th January 2023 so they can be included in the overall diocesan response. Let us dream of the Church the Holy Spirit is calling us to become

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